Love Marriage

If, you are in love and want to marry... All of your efforts are going waste. Still you can have chance. You can meet with Pt. Krishankant Sharma , 8905321819 to resolve the issue.

Financial Problem

If you are facing financial problem in regular life and unable to save money. All of your financial problems can be fixed with the help/consultation of Pt. Krishankant Sharma , 8905321819. He will let you know, what mistake you are doing in your regular life. What improvements you can do at your end.

Repeated Abortion

If, you are not able to conceive or getting repeated abortion. Our sure shot treatment will overcome on this issue and you can have your own child. So many couples are already having child.

Children's Education

Your children is unable to learn study books or having no intention to study or you are unable to understand in which field will be suitable for him. You can take consultation of Pt. Krishankant Sharma, 8905321819

Business Problem

If you are running business and having losses in your business. There are so much strike in your organisation. Your employees are not loyal. You are unable to recover your money. Pt. Krishankant Sharma, 8905321819

Job & Promotions

In the present job, you are not satisfied or you are not getting paid for what you are working. If you promotion is pending or there is problem between you and your boss. Just call me, I will resolve your problem.

Marriage Problem

At marriageable age, one is not getting married or getting suitable marriage proposal or if the engagement is broken without any reason, you can consult with us. We will be happy to resolve the issue. After marriage, if you are not happy, just let me know..You will have wonderful life with your partener.

Property Decision

Anybody will buy property for his/her childrens, grand children's. One should consult with any knowledgeable person that he/she should buy that propery or not. Will this property suitable to you and your children's. Pt. Krishankant Sharma , 8905321819 will guide you according to your planet position.

Foreign Tripp

Every body in the life aims to see the foreign countries or some of them dreams to get settle their. When you will be able to visit their or is there any chance to get settled there or not?

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